Our mission in McGill Students for Geriatric Health is to raise awareness, create a dialogue, and establish connections with volunteer organizations on the subject matter of geriatric healthcare.

Our Mandate:

  • Create awareness about chronic diseases prevalent in the elderly population
  • Create awareness about the Canadian aging population
  • Through new dialogue, bring about new ideas and perspectives on how the Canadian healthcare system can be shifted towards policies that better serve the aging Canadian population.
  • Establish connections with local geriatric volunteer organizations to facilitate volunteer opportunities for McGill students
  • Promote educational opportunities and further schooling in the area of geriatrics and the study of aging through an online database

McGill Students for Geriatric Health is a student group of the SSMU, an undergraduate student society at McGill University. MSGH receives sponsorship from SSMU.

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  1. Rachel Chan says:

    I was wondering if there is any opportunity to contribute to the club. If there is a listserv, I’d like to add my email address to it. Thanks!

    • geriatrichealth says:

      Hi Rachel,

      Yes, you can add your name to the listserv by inputing your email into the newsletter box to the right side on this home page. Also, feel free to email us at mcgillgeriatrichealth@ssmu.ca to learn more about opportunities to get involved with the club. Thank you for your interest in MSGH!

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