Executive Team

Meet MSGH’s Executive Team!

Name: Mara

Role: U1 Representative
“My role is to promote MSGH and the events we organize to first year students.” 

Career goals: “After finishing my degree, I plan to work a few years as a nurse at the bedside and community setting. Afterwards, I hope to do my masters and become a nurse practitioner!”

I joined MSGH because: “I was raised by my grandma and spent most of my childhood at her side. I’ve learnt so much from her and wouldn’t be the person I am today if it wasn’t for her support. The club’s mission and values really spoke to me, because I think it is essential to advocate and to give a voice to the geriatric population, a community who is often overlooked by others.” 

Fun facts and hobbies: “I like to collect anything that with whales on it! During my free time, I also like to workout, watch Netflix and spend time outdoors with my friends!” 

As I get older, I look forward to: “Living in a cozy house in the countryside and knitting tiny sweaters on my porch for my grandkids!”